Sunday, January 18, 2009

Czechoslovacia cabbage soup

Melt half a stick of margarine in a pot.
Add a shredded head of cabbage and one chopped onion.
Cook the cabbage until it has a transparent look to it.
Add enough water to cover the vegetables or
whatever the amount you would like for your family.
While you bring the water back to a boil, mix water and flour together to make a wet dough mixture, not as runny as muffin but not quite as thick as bread.
When the water is boiling drop the dough into the broth a small spoonful at a time to make dumplings.
Dash enough salt in the soup to your desired taste.
One alternative I did that makes the recipe MUCH better:
instead of mixing water and flour for the dumplings,
I used eggs and flour.
Not only enjoy, but open an encyclopedia on Czechoslovakia,
get a map on the location. And make yourself aware of somewhere new!

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