Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Awana car & clay


Every year for AWANA the children get a block of wood, cut it (with adult help), paint it, and then race it at AWANA. There is quite a few leaders that still love to design cars so a leaders race is also part of this event. It gets our wheels turning

For my car I like to make something that will speaks a message. This one turned out really good. I saved four dollars on the car and used my old 'Larry mobile' ; took the wheels off, turned it over, sand papered it and made it into a bathtub! The edges, and faucet are made out of sculpey clay (found at craft stores). The clay that I owned was white and brown so with my left over brown clay I made gourmet looking chocolate. Yes, the chocolates are made out of clay!

Dad brought six of the boys sledding at Thief River Falls this afternoon. When they came back they showered Mom with early Valentine gifts. The most precious one that will be kept for many years was a love note. Almost 12 year old Rolaun wrote Mom a note telling her that he loved her and is SO glad that she is his mom. This is so touching and valuable coming from a boy who has had a tough beginning.

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