Saturday, January 31, 2009


The River of Life is flowing smooth, it is calm and peaceful ( 80%).
I am watching the children while Mom and Magdalyn are in town at the End of the Line for a girl's night out with the neighbors. I decided to take it easy and play an Odyssey on the surround system and set the four Rubbermaid tubs of Lego's out for the children. They're content to stay in the same room and all is calm and quiet.
This morning I had a chance to go to a Pampered Chef party near Karlstad. My main objective was to get out of the house (nice to do in January) and socialize, my other purpose was to purchase some rubber spatula's. The previous one's we owned mysteriously got scraped and chopped up, like it was jammed into the blender. Which is quite strange, since I am the only Pankratz in this household the uses sharp tools, other than Mom, whom I know would handle them properly.
I look forward to this Sunday with Potluck at church and a Revelation study later that evening.
I have realized how valued eating out of the house is, when your the main cook in the household.
The dishes may still need washing, but they are not so abhorring in another sink. :)
Getting together and reaping great conversations around a table with different people is pleasant, no matter how short.

God has BLESSED our food stock! On our monthly trip to Roseau, the local grocery store had chocolate milk expiring the next day, therefore making the price of the milk plummet to $1 a gallon! My mother purchased enough for us to have some in the fridge and a small(?) stock in the freezer. To have the chocolate milk, it is a voluptuous blessing indeed! We never make this beverage with the price of milk being extraordinary.

I have never had an interest to scan over recipes to just look, BEFORE.
Now, I am cooking and I LOVE to try new, good tasting meal ideas in recipes.
Is anyone out there reading this post have ideas that their family LOVES and is willing to share them? I would really appreciate anything!


Naomi K said...

Mmm, sounds yummy, we have all the milk we want and we still never make chocolate milk! I'll have to think about meal ideas, it is hard to find different foods that are actually practical to make...Hope your pot luck went well :)

Beth said...

JoyAnn I really think you should start a blog with your favorite recipes.. You cook awesome!!