Saturday, June 19, 2010

Candy and shoe polish at the market

On each Thursday, we make a trip to the Mexican market. By my second trip there, I had found everything that I had my eye on, and was trying to find more adventurous things to do.
Aaron, Allie, and Ruth each had their foot gear polished. I agreed with them that the shoes look better now than at the time of purchase.
Then David (my faithful follower of 8 years old) and I found a candy store. We oohhed and ahhhed at the large variety of different kinds of candy. I had a few pesos, so I got a chocolate covered wafer and Duvalin candy. The duvalin was multi colored, pink,white and brown. It was soft and tasted very similiar to powdered sugar icing. Upon purchase, the cashier gave me a tiny plastic spoon to eat it with.

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