Monday, June 14, 2010


Ok, I have to tell you about the Mexican store called Soriana. A very good description of the store would be to say it looks just like Wal-mart, except everything is in Spanish and the money is in Pesos.
    12.50 pesos is equivalent to $1.00 in American money. It's certainly different to see a candy around $30.00-$50.00!! (pesos)
I found it absolutely ridicules in the baby clothes department! We were looking for a gift, something authentic to show and tell the gift bought in Mexico. EVERY OUTFIT WAS MADE IN MEXICO WITH ENGLISH WORDING PRINTED ON THE OUTSIDE. If you ask me, I wasn't impressed. The puzzle pieces were put together in my mind- no wonder so many people wear English shirts. If that is your only option, you have no choice.
Another crazy matter that I saw took place in the food department.  It did not look sanitary at all!
In the bakery department, all the homemade bread were placed out in reach of anyone and anything with no covering. The cheesecakes did have packages, but they were displayed of a table for all and NOT in a fridge. The fruits, veggies, and herbs were set out without any fridge of any sort. The meat were worse! Fish, pork, and other meats were just set out. Eggs piled high in the middle of the aisle. Premade dishes set out with no covering or glass in front of the showcase. And salsa in bowls for you to measure out your desired amount (no covers).
I know, it's Mexico. BUT, the way food is in display, I PRAY before I eat!

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