Tuesday, June 1, 2010

day #1

WOW. Our group went into Mexico this evening and ministered to the people there.
The trip started at 3:30 and when we got to the border, the bus had to stay for over an hour while being searched and looked up in their  record history.  By then, we were wondering if the border patrol would let us in. Mr. Jarvis told the group that we needed to pray until they let us in. The noise in the bus came to a sudden stillness while everyone sought the Lord in prayer. I had no fear or worry, there is no mistakes with God!   After five or ten minutes, the gates were let open and we continued on our way.
Juarez, Mexico, was our destination. Bearing Precious seed ( BPS ) had made contact with a church near the area, so when we got to the public park, some of the Mexican church members were waiting for us. We split into 5 groups and went door to door, inviting the community to bring the children to a program that we were having.
The program started at 7:30ish, with a speaker and singing, puppets, and finally a chalk-art.
I helped out with the singing (I only know the tune and read the words in Spanish) worked in the puppet stage ( FUN! ) and then when it was time to watch the chalk-art, I sat down right in the midst of the group of children who came. OH! The pleasure it was to be with children!! Never mind that I didn't speak a bit of their language except "Hola". It just made them come closer to hear me talk funny :)  By the time it was time to go, I had a swarm of children ranging ages 4-8 gathered around me. Through gestures and basic words, I explained that I didn't speak Spanish, but Jesus Christ LOVES you! And showed them John 3:16. At least 4 little girls had to give me a hug before we left, and I said "Adios", they said, "bye!".
Please pray that the word of God did not go void and that His seeds fell on good soil. Of the children and their parents.
Tomorrow is another AWESOME day the Lord has made and I get to serve in MEXICO!

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Beth said...

Great to hear, I know you adore that age of children!! The sky there sure looks like home!
Love you! Mom