Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ruth is one of my dear friends, and she is gathering Gods word to pass out to the neighborhood in the location of the meeting we had.

The picture right below is one of the houses we knocked at to invite the household to the evangelism meeting. These pictures is of one of the meetings that we had during the afternoon service, each meeting is ended with a chalk talk- which is a message all to itself!


Oh! I'm having such a wonderful time here! The people that I am working with are ready to serve God, and we have found muchos things to talk about.
The mission trips into Mexico have gone very well also! We had 2 meetings yesterday, Wednesday. Our day started at 9am with all of us trooping into the bus that is used to bring the groups over the border. Every week we work with a church for the three days that we go of that week, and each meeting is around the area the church is located, at separate parks.
By the time the bus arrived to our destination, it was an hour before the meeting was planned to start. John/Romans and tracts were passed out to every individual in our group that did not stay behind to set up the speakers, puppet stage, chalk easel, and tents. We assembled into groups of at least 3 and at least one gentleman. Agreed on a street to go down, and knocked at each gate to invite the people to a childrens program that was a held by the Americanos and all were invited to attend! When we got back, and praying hard in our hearts for people to come!
Oh the joy that is shared when people start coming and a program is successful!!
I need to go now, but will tell more later!
And sadly, here is one of the homes in the poorer part of town. The people that live in this area will most likely stay here all their life- in a house made of cardboard or anything they can get there hands on.

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